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03 July 2009 @ 09:13 am
Hey guys! I'm sorry this is going up while a lot of you are down at AX; I would've like to have gotten it up earlier, but my job had other plans...

Anyways, details! Under the cut, you will find directions to the gathering, including convenient bus stops and walking routes, more details on getting there, a list of people who are driving from what areas, and a list of who is planning on bringing what foods.

What I'd like you guys to do is comment with what food/drinks/utensils you feel comfortable bringing, hopefully based off of what we've already got, as well as if you need to ride with one of the people listed as a driver, so that they know what to do the day of.

What: Nor-Cal Hetalia Picnic! :D
When: Saturday, July 11th, 12PM-7PM (you do not have to stay the whole time; this is mostly going off of how long the last picnic lasted)
Where: Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park (directions and map under cut)
Who: Anyone who sees this post and can make it! If you want to be in cosplay, excellent, if not, just as cool.
Extra: Potluck lunch! Please bring a dish to share! :D

Directions!Collapse )

I will be arriving a little early to set up, and hopefully, I'll be able to get some sort of markers (flags, perhaps~) that will pinpoint where along Kennedy we'll be. It should be fairly obvious once we get a lot of people, but for you early-comers, I'll try to make it as clear as possible.

Cars and Drivers and Carpools oh my!Collapse )

Food!Collapse )

Extra Information!Collapse )

I'm really excited for this, and I hope you guys are too, and I hope this will go well! <3
10 April 2009 @ 12:05 pm

Be as truthful as you want, and if that means getting into harsh territory, go right ahead. No, really.
31 January 2009 @ 11:32 pm
Anon is on. If you've ever had a smidgen of a crush on me, feel free to comment below. I won't mock you, and only you and I will ever know. Then post it in your own LJ.

In during /no one/ comments and Chira goes on with life.
06 December 2008 @ 08:23 pm
19 November 2008 @ 09:37 pm
I would like you guys to do this you have anything at all to say to me, anon or not. I appreciate opinions of all sort (though please don't tell me I'm ugly or should go sniff glue or anything; that's not constructive and not something I can work on). I've been doing my best to go around and catch you all, because I do think concrit helps us grow.

→ A N O N _ M E M E
21 October 2008 @ 03:27 pm
THAT'S RIGHT, YOU READ RIGHT- THIS IS AN RP THREAD. COME AS YOURSELF, OR ANYONE YOU WANT TO BE. (characters preferred, as this'll be set in a random place in exsomnia's universe, but if you want to play yourself, that's cool too ^_^)

Setting: an internet cafe on the west side of Luxuria, the entertainment/everything district of NYC

Backstory: NYC, a thousand years in the future. The city's been cut off from the rest of the world for hundreds of years now, and there are two primary factions that run the city. The Prima Luce- the head honchos. They're in charge of the government, the white collar jobs, and basically everything that goes on in the city. The Penombra- the rebels. They're the ones who don't like the Luce in charge, and are fighting to take them down. the city is pretty much the same as it is now; same tech, same general structure, just different names and different powers in charge.


(this'll be backdated so that it stays up top; feel free to start a new thread if an old one dies out; the cafe isn't going anywhere, and people wander in and out all the time ^_~)
10 October 2008 @ 04:44 pm
So, before I run off to E-board and then to Niagara Falls, I thought I'd finally post the last few pictures from y-con. (ack, honestly, still not counting the photoshoot in the hall)

Because of the large nature of the photos, only about half are being posted here; all can be found here, as usual

kinda really large pictures under the cut, so bewareCollapse )

Hetalia, Reborn!, Baccano!, Nabari no Ou, Death Note, Persona 3, and DNAngel. As always, if you know the cosplayers, please pass on the photos/direct them here/pass links.

See ya'll late Saturday night~
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29 September 2008 @ 11:43 pm
I'm planning on doing post-processing on most of the pics I took tomorrow during class, (allsunday, I'll email you the ones from the hallway shoot, and if anyone wants theirs full size, just tell me, and I'll send them), but before then, here's the text and pic preview post! Some of the pics here will undergo post and are here just sort of as a preview ^^ It's ridiculously obvious at what point I decided to actually be a responsible member of the press and fix the settings on my camera. >_>;;

Well, since the chaos of Thursday was already chronicled, let's start with Friday ^^
Day 1Collapse )

Day 2 and 3, because pr0n takes CONSTANT VIGILANCECollapse )

So I've still got a million photos of shoots; Karu and Ari as Miharu and Yoite, Toggy as Graham, Zee as Near, Zee's photos of me as Minato, the Hetalia group, and there are some individual photos that I'm doing post on as well, so I'll post my favorites from those sets as well as links to the rest of the sets once I finish, hopefully tomorrow.

I love being press at Bay Area cons so much. It's always the same main people, it's great. Though sadly, Laura wasn't there, so there was a lack of cosplaying press represented. Ah well.

Thanks for putting up with the photo spam! ^^ If you see people you know in the photos, please link them, tell me so I can update the info, and direct them here! (because I totally fail at getting peoples' names when I talk to them)
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13 September 2008 @ 02:46 am
nightrays IS A SHOTACON
10 September 2008 @ 01:39 pm

Oh my god guys, I thought this was an actual "be all creepy and stalker-ish" meme, so uhhh, disregard my replies to yours? /o/ THAT SAID, GO AHEAD AND LEAVE CREEPY STALKER MESSAGES ON MINE. <3
That aside,


I just spent an hour and a half outside Wilson Commons giving out free hugs. <3 I feel very happy right now.

....though some of the guys hung on a liiiiiiiittle longer than necessary and it was creepy. and then there was the one guy who looked at the three of us, and was all "can I get a free hug from /you/? *points to me*"


Very non-end of the world-ish.
01 June 2008 @ 10:58 pm
But before I start, AX stuff. Jacqui, are you coming down after the 4th? Idk what I'm doing right now, since my mom is starting to seriously guilt-tripping me about not being home for the 4th for this boat trip thing. I might be going down for the 2nd and 3rd, flying back for the 4th, then going back down for the 5th and 6th. Or I might just pull the "I am a horrible daughter who is legal, deal with it" card, feel incredibly guilty on the 4th and just stay down for the entire time.

This probably means I'll need hotel on the night of the 5th. I should really call Ann, Jason, and Jenson and see what they're doing, since I think Ann said she had hotel. allsunday, what are your plans so far?

And finally, the Shouichi photoshoot.

Flax flowers are a domestic symbol. wonder what that could mean...Collapse )
21 May 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Last post before I disappear into Fanimu chaos. I just haven't been writing much lately, and really felt like I needed to write something, and this came out.

I really like writing in second person, in case it's not clear from the sheer amount of how many second-person things I write...

(Memories of Footsteps)
.:tunes:.: The Sunbeams, they scatter - Yiruma
Thank you so, so much, a million times over to everyone who commented on the two posts; you were all extremely helpful. As I said, I'm a complete beginner to this, so welcome all criticism (as long as it's constructive, that is; comments like "well, that's just bad" don't help me get any less bad D:)

I think I'm done with this panel; I'm the type that can nitpick and change things a million times over, so if I don't disconnect from it now, I'll never be done with it. ahaha, it ended up being dark >_>;;

I actually really like his face and eye. I am most definitely not an artist, and have no sense of shadows and light sources, so was just doing my best to guess, but I think it came out okay (??)

textures same credit, new gradient still me, original still Oh!Great's mess ^^

panel without gradient, texture set to overlay here, as I'm sure you're all tired of seeing this panel by now ^^

Chira is done beating this dead horse. Or shark. Or whatever.

should I put it up at manga_colors to get more crits? or just wait and try a different panel completely withlessscreentonesohgod?

edit: *flails* MUST. FIX. SHADING. AACK. this is totally what I mean about always finding something new to nitpick and fix edit's edit: f-fixed. OTL
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30 April 2008 @ 08:56 pm
Second icon post!

This is a lot later in coming than I intended, and a lot of things are missing from it that I intended, but it was getting really large as it was, and so I'm just posting it. Hopefully I'll actually be able to get around to the Gyakusai icons I meant to make, as well as the Mulan icons. The mood theme...will probably take a lot longer than I said it would. I might try to do it in airports and such on the way home /o/

♫- Persona ~Trinity Soul~: 6
♫- Code Geass: 56
♫- Reborn!: 41
♫- Chi's Sweet Home: 44
♫- Misc. (Wolf and Spice, Rental Magica): 2
Total: 149


Follow the bouncing fake cut to my icon journal, falling_drops~
15 April 2008 @ 09:43 pm
THIS is my new ot3

Watch it, and I'm almost positive you'll agree.
07 April 2008 @ 08:58 pm
*sighs* I'm turning falling_drops into my icon journal as well as my fanfic dumping ground (I went back and read some of the stuff I wrote, and the later stuff actually isn't horrible, which is surprising...) since I seem to be making more and more icons these days.

So, without further ado, the first official icon post (I might go back and post the other icons in backdated entries, but probably not, seeing as how I don't particularly like them)!

♫- Reborn: 77
♫- Cars: 8
♫- Densha Otoko: 20
♫- Misc. (Baccano!, Persona ~Trinity Soul~, and TRC OVA): 5
Total: too many 110


The rest over here @ falling_drops!

...it's ridiculously obvious what order these were done in *headdesks*

Next dump will be somewhat soon, and will include Gyakusai icons, Code Geass (which are actually mostly done), Mulan (icons as well as the mood theme), ~Trinity Soul~ (aka more icons for crackjaw), and if I ever get around to it, some manga coloring icons from various series that have panels I've had my eye on for a while.
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07 March 2008 @ 12:00 am

So our spring break starts this Friday (once I make it through the hurdles of midterms, more rough drafts of papers, more lab reports, and the like), but I don't leave until Monday morning, giving me basically Saturday and Sunday with no one around and nothing to do.

So I'm going to be playing around in Photoshop the entire time. (while watching an excess of anime to make up for the fact that I won't be able to until I get back) Which means icons.

And while I have a bunch of images I plan on either capping and iconing or coloring and iconing, I'd like to make some for you guys. So, if you'd like, I can make you some icons. I know pretty much everyone on my flist is better at making icons than I am, but if you've got that image somewhere that you keep meaning to icon but never get around to it, send it my way, and hopefully I won't screw it up.

Basically, if you'd like me to icon something for you, comment with the link to an image, and any directions (coloring, crop, textures, placement, etc) you'd like me to follow. Or give me free reign at your own risk I have a proper version of Photoshop now, so I can actually do proper coloring on anime caps, and I've been playing around with it for a while. Just don't ask me to add text please D: Everything else is fair game.
01 March 2008 @ 09:48 pm
D: because the damn trading/activities log is getting too big to be kept together

activity logsCollapse )
01 February 2008 @ 11:57 am
Because it's apparently too large for just one post trade/activity log and mastered decks D:
trade logsCollapse )
23 January 2008 @ 10:49 pm
err, so this is the icon dump post. aka Chira madly capping the Gundam 00 ED and parts of the OP, and having way too much fun with color filters.

The lineup:
Gundam 00: [16]x4
~Persona~ Trinity Soul: [1]
Tales of: [3]
xxxHolic: [5]
Tsubasa: [1]
Honey and Clover: [2]
Persona 3: [1]
La Corda d'Oro: [2]

umm...Collapse )

The only icon people want is at the very end. Yes, I'm looking at you, Tora.

Basically, this is me showing off my horrid icon skills and my inability to play with color filters correctly. And my all too useless love for shirtless men.

...even though they're kinda crappy, they are mine, and I did spend vasts amount of procrastination time making them (as well as even crappier ones), so if you do, by some miracle, want to take them, please tell me. Credit would be wonderful, but I'm not really holding out for much here. Just knowing that someone actually wanted one is enough. ^^
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