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Sales post!

Sales Post!

This is something I've been working on for a while, and am just finally getting around to posting it, lol oh dear.

As many of you know, I knit. I love to knit stuff for people, and this year, due to a hectic crazy schedule + finals + grad school apps, I didn't have the money or time I would've liked to knit things for people.

Well, as the situation stands, I still don't really have the money, but I now have vast amounts of time (as evidenced by the fact that I basically marathoned the entirety of Supernatural in three weeks), as well as a huge stash of yarn.

I am selling these scarves! Personally, I think they're cuter and a little more fashionable than the traditional long scarf, while still being just as warm, without being as bulky or in the way.

This is my current stash of yarn. It takes up a lot of space. Ideally, I would like to knit it into things, but I wouldn't know what to do with all that knitted stuff. So I am asking you, Flist, if you would like me to knit you something.

(the blue and grey are much blue-r than the picture makes them look, just btw)

More detailed shots of various pieces of my stash.

The product, laid flat. Basically, it is a neck warmer that you fold the excess down, and use the ties to keep in place.

Variations include just a neck warmer that is pretty much flush around your neck, but is a little wider

You get to choose the yarn, as well as the stich I use. Because it's not terribly high, and because I knit in the round, rather than connecting seams at the end, I can't do stripes, or patterns that take more than a couple rows to show. However, there are a variety of lovely patterns for you to choose from.

Moss Stitch:

Mock Cable:

Broken Rib:

("wrong" side of broken rib, which I actually prefer, aesthetically)

Seed Stitch:

Rice Stitch:

Box Stitch:


If there's a particular pattern you like, just link me to it, and I'll see if it'll work.

Other variations include colors of the ties; as seen above, the blue has the same color ties, and the yellow has one yellow tie and one white tie.


Both neckwarmers are $7, with $4 priority shipping in the US, international shipping available (pricing by location)

I would be willing to make other items, such as the slouchy hats I made the last time I did a gift round (samples here), and will discuss pricing on a case basis. I am not offering full-length scarves, since none of the stash yarn I have is long enough (I will reconsider only if full price of yarn is included, and even then on a case basis)
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this is great I have a scarf but I never use it because it's so unwieldy
Yep! it's archergirl14 [at] hotmail
And sure! You want the one with the ties?
YES PLEASE they're so cute!!
Ooh, can I get that delicious raspberry looking yarn for the scarf with ties? Seed Stitch please!

Also, I'd like to get in on the slouchy hat thing, but I can't access the link. Apparently I don't have the security clearance?.....I are confused.....But yeah! Slouchy hat in dark(er) grey, please! (Uh, and if there's a choice on the stitching style, moss?)

And might I be able to haggle on combined shipping? Hmmmmm? XP And could you also let me know the total pricing please since this is kinda a shot in the dark. Thank you!!!
Ack sorry, I forgot that I privatized it when I went looking for posts with pictures; it should be accessible now!

Sorry, but just a clarification, but which raspberry yarn?

And combined shipping is definitely possible! Total pricing would be $16.
The only thing is that I'll need to get my needles for those yarns shipped to me, so it'll take a little longer than it would normally.
Clarification: The one to the right of the black/red/green yarn and left of the light blue and blue/brown yarn, under the orange one. It's the one that doesn't have the black and white little....thingies....attached to it.

And that price sounds great! I'm super excited. And no worries about the time for getting needles shipped, I'm in no rush.
Okay, that's what I thought, but just wanted to make sure, 'cause I guess, the one with the pink and black and white could count as raspberry.

I'll let you know when it's done! :D
Me me me I will get a paypal account just for you!

I want just a regular neck warmer in moss stitch like your example but in that black/red one or the dark blue, or any dark color! Or a green!

Shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada! Let me know how much it'll be when you get the shipping info.
AHHHH, I feel so flattered!

And definitely! I probably won't have the shipping info until it's done and shipped, but I will let you know!