Kat (napkins) wrote,

ACP Contest - shameless pimping

So. The most chaotic entry, "other countries", please go vote! I am a big supporter of either keikana's Prussia, jazqui's Hungary, or oj_lisu or reikofanel's Greece! Also, Ellome for England, Teca for America, Temi for France, and Chas or Gwiffen for China!

Technically, I am entered as Norway in "other countries", but 1) I lost all the solo photos from snotoshoot when my external got stolen, so I only have group pictures that I processed 2) everyone else's costumes are so much nicer 3) a lot of the photos used are ones I took and processed! which makes me feel cool and like I had a part in things. So while I'd be flattered if you voted for me, the other people would probably benefit more from it, and probably want it more as well. ♥
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