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Hey Guys!! :DDD Guess what's super late in coming?!?

The post detailing meepalicious and my Kekkai tour of Tokyo! :D

I'll do this in order of the way we did it, since that's the way our light falls. So, spoilers within!

So Leslie and I woke up early to catch our train CLEAR TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA. During which we realized we could stop by Yasukuni Jinja first. So!

ALRIGHT, SO IT'S A FAKE KEKKAI, SO SUE US. We decided that we were going to do everything featured in the manga, fake kekkai or not.

Next up was Inokashira Park, aka the park next to the Ghibli Museum. We actually ended up at the wrong end of it; the area we were in is featured, but there are no good pictures, so have a picture of the lake we never visited because it was hot and humid and we are lazy.

Also, it meant that we paid less, since our all-day Tokyo Free Pass only covered so far out of Tokyo.

Nakano was next (we spent large amounts of time on the Tozai line for the first part of the day), aka the kekkai Seishirou DESTROYS while no one is watching.

The huge long line is all the kids lining up for the first showing of the newest Pokemon movie. There was a special deal/showing for Elementary school children.

And one of our favorite locales, Sunshine City! :D

Wako clock in Ginza was next!

THE ONE THAT TOOK ALL THE WALKING. No, seriously. We walked so much. We originally thought, "oh, we'll just walk up the street, snap the shot, then walk back, but then realized that it was the wrong train line for our plan since we'd switched things up, so walked all the way up to the Diet Building, then down to the Prime Minister's Residence, which isn't exactly close, then continuing down the hill and around, but not after a ton more trekking. and it was just INSANE.

The Yamanote line was brought down from the station in Shibuya, so we got on at Shibuya, the first picture, and then rode it all the way around, smartly sitting out the rain. :D

Shibuya 109! Aka the site of the fantastic ice-cream sharing trolling scene.

Yebisu Garden Place was up next, which we had a pretty hard time finding, only to find there was a super long walkway from the train station leading right to it. We just always seem to come out the wrong exit of stations...

This is one of my new favorite places; it's got this quaint feeling, a mini farmer's market in the plaza, and we got to just chill and sit and eat the peaches we'd gotten for cheap from the stall dude in Nakano. It's also the great place where Fuuma brings out the frog. yeah. :D

Okay, I'm going to admit that the combination of these two confuses me. How they managed to destroy the kekkai that was the Shinjuku high-rises, yet the Government Building was left standing. When they are pretty much the same area. Maybe the Government Building has its own protection? Idk, man.

Also, ngl, the Government Building will always, /always/ remind me of the last few episodes of Digimon Tamers where Jeri is trapped inside that red ball thing that just hovers in between the North and South towers.

/SCREAMS Oh Rainbow Bridge. I'll be completely honest in saying that this was the only scene in X that I actually payed attention to.

aaaaaand, we end with the most important kekkai of all, Tokyo Tower!

What I stared at when I had to pull all-nighters, either cheering for the Japan NT in the world cup (whey then changed the color to Samurai Blue in their honor, so cute!), or writing that stupid paper, what I used to gauge how clear a day it would be the rest of the day, and what the Sky Tree will never replace. ♥

God, I miss Tokyo. I miss being able to go into a large city and just wander around whenever. I miss the free time I had, because if I did here, I'd probably be in SF or similar. And free time in Rochester will just mean downtime, not exploring time. Expect more backlog photo spam posts soon! ....hopefully.
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