Kat (napkins) wrote,

I need better icons. D:

A few things! :D

1) Wig order from II-Shop As far as I know, the sale ends the 30th of April, which is the evening of the 29th for most of you. I am also leaving for vacation on the 29th (whooo Golden Week), and would like to get them mailed to you before then, so if anyone interested in getting in on the wig order, if you could please let me know by the 26th (your time), I'll get the wigs out as soon as I get them.

2) So I stumbled across this blog giving away camera straps from Capturing Couture which look amazing; I'm sort of in love with the Houndstooth one. I'm toying with the idea of getting one, but I'll see what my money situation is after Golden Week. The blog giving away the strap is Dear Crissy, run by a mother and photographer.

3) still being lazy on photo editing. However, when I was in Akiba on Wednesday, I picked up a region-free DVD player (for $39, FUCK YEAH AKIBA), so we can now watch the huge DVD collection Hannah has. All we had earlier was a VHS and a few movies (Rat Race, Star Wars Ep I, Austin Powers, Goldmember, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding), so now I can do my usual photo editing MO, aka sitting with Van on my lap and editing while I watch a movie

Today is mostly going to be spent lazing around the apartment and maybe surrounding area until tonight, when we're going for all-you-can-drink karaoke for Will's birthday.
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