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Just Be Friends

So people have been putting together groups for the future and talking about different Vocaloid cosplay, and it all made me realize that now might be a good time to try to organize this. (That and last night, when I mentioned it in passing, people starting jumping on me about it; I'm glad you guys are excited for it too! ♥)

What I really want to do is get together a group based off the Synchronicity world by Kumagai. It's originally a story, but a series of three videos/songs (by Hitoshizuku P, sung by the Kagamines) were made alongside it. Two of the videos/songs have been released, and we're waiting with bated breath for the third. The world is a sort of medieval fantasy one, and the costumes are really cool.

I'm aiming to do this at Y-con 2010, since due to my study abroad program, I won't be home until late July, thus missing pretty much every convention until then. Fanime 2011 is also a possibility, if that works better for people probably going to be another group, but with roles shifted around.

Motoko Kusanagi has done some translation work on the story, mostly a rough skeleton of events. A lot that goes down in the videos is a little easier to understand with this backstory, as the videos are meant to be companions to the novel, rather than stand-alone. Her translation notes can be found here

The first video, Kimi wo Sagasu Sora. The actual page of the video has some information about the story in the sidebar, so check that out if you want!

The second, Hikari to Kage no Rakuen.

I will be working on translating the entire novel myself, one, because I am now ridiculously excited about this and really want to know more, and two, because I need the practice. I'll be posting my translations as I go along, so if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, what I know you really wanted to see, the costume designs. All of the Vocaloids that were out at the time of the first video are included, including some of the officially-recognized fan-made ones.

As I mentioned, I will be in Japan for a while, so if you want me to look for things like wigs or accessories, I most definitely can!

Len: chiretto
Rin: cursedinanime
Gakupo: antieden
Meiko: bisouspapillon
Luka: napkins
Kaito: reikofanel
Neru: dramaelf
Ruko: silverxplayer

I hope you guys want to play! ♥
Tags: cosplay, groups, planning, vocaloid
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