Kat (napkins) wrote,

Card post for tcg_exchange
Because I get addicted to things too easily and the cards are preeeeeeeetty~

Card Exchange: Tuesday 10:45 AM PST, 1:45 PM EST

Will do just about ANYTHING for Hunter cards, with Prey and Twin close behind~ :D

[Name] Kuroi
[Level] 7
[Cards] 566 (+37)
[Trades] 289
[Contributions] 179

second, esper, lancelot, bootycrimson, ideals, revenge, lunarsleep, serialtensai, justice
Just comment if you'd like~


I do some shiny things...>_> really, I do...

Mastered decks are here

bear with me while I figure out deck spacing and placement...

Highest priority

INSANE priority

Ro Chris

Very low priority

High-ish priority

Shiiiiny cards. May possibly trade for current decks (not likely, but you're welcome to make an offer ^_^) These are being very leisurely collected, so I probably won't trade really high demand cards to get these decks. (but, as always, you're welcome to make an offer ^+^)
current priority Eiji > Mafia > Hei > Mikuru
(aka nya > mafia > black > time)

Keeping for now because I think they're pretty, amusing, or I have some attachment to the character, but will be willing to trade for a good offer. Not really collecting any of these though.

never trading- just too damned attached~

I don't much like using them for my own currents, but I will use them to get cards to trade if someone's holding something for me that I just can't seem to get.
So basically, they're open for trade ^^

x2x1x0 x1


claimed sets

x10 x10
Will trade for just about anything-make an offer~

Special cards (worth two normal cards):




I will hold for as long as you need me to, but please be reasonable; much over a week or two without good reason, and it'll go back to being up for trade

Future gifts
(it takes me a while to get around to sending these out @_@)

Reminders so I don't go insane; if you're holding something for me, and don't see it up here, please tell me ♥

Activity Log

3.02.08 claimed for voting, got swallow08, maou11, unwanted03, and seal01
3.03.08 claimed for voting, got hyotei10
3.04.08 Leveled up, got A-cert, deciet15, ceo06, dolls03, wings20, hyotei11, blood14, peace01, and kakumei12 // claimed for voting, got ice01 and pervert02 // claimed for voting, got bomb08 // claimed for voting, got snake06, sinner15 and illusion20 // claimed for voting, got knight01 // claimed for submitting, got friend06 and 13th03 // claimed for trivia, got pokedex116
3.05.08 claimed for voting, got protect17 // claimed for voting, got forget08 // claimed for voting, got kibouhou04
3.06.08 cert exchange, got candy17, jagan20, and sketch11
3.07.08 card exchange, got snake15 for fanservice20
3.25.08 claimed for voting, got inferno01 // claimed for submitting, got pokedex90 and author06 // claimed for voting, got ceo11 and smile20 // claimed for voting, got guard19, hachi05, lolicon17 // claimed for submitting, got white06 and sakujo11 // claimed for voting, got black19 // claimed for voting, got count10 // claimed for voting, got zero04 // claimed for voting, got kibouhou10 // claimed for voting, got ashes20 // claimed for voting, got bang17, jellopy44, kuso20 // claimed for voting, got knight06, traitor05, pokedex50 // claimed for voting, got pizza15 // claimed for submitting, got snake04, bang09, and deceit03 // claimed for submitting, got snake12, whip03, and money15 // claimed for voting, got jugdment01 // claimed for submitting, got star18 and fanservice06
5.18.08 redeemed B-cert, got gurren01 and prey15 // Mastered Snake, got scatter05, axeman19, guard04, and guard16
5.21.08 claimed for voting, got dog01 // claimed for voting, got catcher11 // card exchange, traded fanservice06 for prey03

Trade Log

3.01.08 Traded jellopy31 and jellopy32 for mafia10 with resonancy // Traded magician10 for illusion02 with franchette
3.02.08 Traded cynic11 for illusion12 with ukiyuki // Traded guard07 for illusion15 with stuffedpanda
3.03.08 Traded bomb15 for black08 with 07_cents
3.04.08 Traded egyptian03 for black02 / egyptian09 for black03 with cruxis // Traded disney09 for mafia11 / disney15 for mafia12 with enacting // Traded unwanted03 for kyrios09 with implication // Traded zero14 for guard01 with care
3.05.08 Traded bomb08 for black09 with 07_cents // Traded idiot03 for black15 with bonafide_nocta // Traded dreams12 for kyrios11 / hueg10 for hachi14 with rashiea // Traded illusion20 for guard12 with enacting
3.06.08 Traded jagan20 for guard14 / candy17 for guard15 with stuffedpanda // Traded sketch11 for snake18 with care // Traded dragon15 for nya02 with mobiuswolf // Traded forget08 and colonel11 for mafia07 with stuffedpanda
3.25.08 Traded black16 for lolicon11 / manager08 for wings20 with cruxis // Traded rain07 and left03 for mafia15
5.8.08 Traded madamada19 for kyrios02 with cori_finn
5.9.08 Traded tensai14 for time16 with miken_chan // Traded key02 for manager08 with bottledenigma // Traded ginryuu14 and peace01 for mafia17 with kaurin // Traded 8th16 for nya08 with taynis
5.18.08 Traded gurren01 for hunter16 with inanefreeloader // Traded dog16 for horse01 with eeveelyn // Traded rookie19 for nya07 with taynis // Traded gekidasa11 for manager13 with xx_lotus_xx // Traded sinner15 for guard17 with mobiuswolf // Traded inferno01 for horse12 / 10th03 for kyrios10 with inanefreeloader // Traded ass for hunter11 with nonliquet // Traded ice01 for prey15 / 13th02 for black07 / persocom10 for illusion01 with rashiea // Traded shark12 for kyrios04 / split20 for mafia06 / prey15 for hunter07 with resonancy
5.21.08 Traded prey03 for hunter15 with sumeragi_sei

past trade logs here and activity logs here (150 contributions & 246 trades through February 2008)

Tags: tcg
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